Progetto Emigranti Initiative

An initiative approved by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Progetto Emigranti project’s goal is to reconnect cultural ties between immigrants and their roots.  Through the efforts of Abbateggio’s current Mayor, Antonio Di Marco, this project has evolved into a world-wide endeavour involving immigrants from Abbateggio and their families.

“Associazione Abbateggiani nel Mondo” Initiatives

1. Contribute to Abbateggio’s economic development through:

  • tourism
  • development/construction i.e. hotels, restaurants, summer homes to support tourism
  • synergies with hospitality industry
  • the discovery of nature trails exposing tourist to the natural and historic beauty of Abbateggio and surrounding areas

2. Cultural exchange:

  • reunite Abbateggio immigrants and dissolve the geographic distance
  • strengthen ties between Abbateggiani worldwide through country specific associations with necessary tools i.e. website
  • increase knowledge of tradition, way of life, artistic talents in Abbateggio and worldwide

3. Create a worldwide Abbateggiani Immigrant Directory

4. Develop standard roles and responsibilities for worldwide chapters in Toronto, Windsor, New York, Paris, Belgium, Australia, etc.